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Dear Landlord, Manager, Investor,

Welcome to Atlanta Rental Services Inc.

Our Company: We are a Real Estate Rental Brokerage company (established since 1997) and focus exclusively on residential rental properties here in Atlanta and its surrounding metro neighborhoods.  We are not a sales Brokerage and solely focus on Residential Rental product (home, townhouse, condo, loft etc) of which allows us to be 100% committed and focused on securing the most qualified tenants possible for your rental property. 

Landlords/Managers: Are you a 1st time Landlord/Manager looking to get into the residential rental market or are you a current Landlord/Manager looking for long term quality tenants but do not have or want to take all the time, effort etc in securing qualified individuals. Are you tired of calls all hours of the day and night just to get unqualified solicitations, unsuitable tenant prospects, no show/cancelled appointments etc.  Have you had delinquent tenant issues, slow or non-payment issues, etc. We can assist in eliminating all these issues along with addressing all necessary paperwork including implementation of all lease documentation, inspection documents, renewal process, etc.

Investors: Are you a current investor or new investor looking to get into the residential rental market but do not have the time or manpower to address all the marketing, showings, screening, etc. Are you looking for professional services to address these needs on a timely and cost effective basis.  Are you in need of professional assistance in determining the best product in the right area at the right price based on your budgets and needs. We can help with all these situations to make sure that your investment is one that pays off for you.

If you answered yes to any of these questions or just in need of professional assistance in securing quality long term tenants, give us a call to find out just how easy and enjoyable we can make the rental process for you.

As a Real Estate company we reach a wide variety of local and national companies, organizations, schools, military bases, consulates, hospitals, government agencies, etc., of all types who use our services to acquire rental accommodations here in the Atlanta areas. We reach everyone from 1st time renters, college students, management personnel, executive personnel, transferees, relocation companies, etc.

Services provided:

Upon securing our services we will do direct marketing, address all showings, screening (detailed application process) as well as implement all lease/renewal documents, inspection documents etc for your rental property.  Also, as a landlord/manager/investor you will not have to pay any monthly fees and only pay for tenant placement and renewal processes keeping your expenses to a minimum and increasing your profits.

Also, we will view your property prior to making any commitments on your behalf.  This consultation will assist in determining the current market value of your rental property as well as help us in identifying the property features etc for putting together the best possible marketing strategies. Please note a personal viewing of the rental property is required prior to any marketing or agreements being made.

We look forward to talking with you as to any questions you may have as to our services and how they can benefit you in securing the best possible tenants for your rental property.


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