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Tenant Procurement

Posted by admin on November 30, 2022

Tenant Procurement for Existing Landlords/Investors

Are you a current landlord/investor with rental property that you are in need of high quality long-term tenants. Are you currently using a tenant placement or property management services and feel it just is not working out as you had expected or hoped for.

Here at Atlanta Rental Services Inc., we specialize in securing and maintaining highly qualified long-term tenants for our clients along with help them maximize their overall profit margins and reduce overall long term expenses on all properties. This is achieved through many factors and the first being to assess the rental value of the property to secure the highest value possible based on current market values, eliminate monthly structured fee’s having Landlords/Investors only incur a placement and renewal structured fee (based on property and rental values),  reducing overall property management fee’s by as much as 50% annually and with long term tenants these saving can decrease for the Landlord/Investors by as much as 65% etc.

Here at Atlanta Rental Services we address all marketing, showings, screenings, application process and approval process, lease implementation as well as address all renewal processes etc.

If you are looking for highly qualified long-term tenants and are trying to reduce your overall long-term expenses we would look forward to talking further to discuss your personal needs and interests.

Please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to talking with you as to your particular needs.

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